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Paranormal Research Objectives [TOP]

EPIC Executive Paranormal Investigations

is a Private, Social Purpose Organization that provides GENUINE, Specialized, Advanced and

Professional Paranormal Research, Investigations and Consultations. We have been successfully

providing our Professional and Charitable Services, as well as making Significant, Compelling

and Authentic Contributions to these various Industries, since 2000.

Our tremendous Commitment and Passion to unlocking the Mysteries of the Paranormal

and Supernatural drives our Organization to complete the following Objectives:



To Effectively Uncover and Potentially Explain the Source(s) of Purported Paranormal Activity, As Well As To Determine If These Events, Happenings and Occurrences Have Any Legitimacy of Being Paranormal In Origin

We endeavor in assisting the Living and the Departed with Reverence, Love and Light. The Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being of our Clients are among the top of our priorities, so we dedicate ourselves in providing Understanding, Reassurance and Peace-of-Mind to those being affected by Unexplained Phenomena and Paranormal Activity. Our foci are the Clients, Witnesses and Percipients of the Paranormal Cases that we work on. We will
go above-and-beyond to help them find Answers, Resolutions and Closure for their Case, as well as to provide them with valuable Education, Guidance and other forms of Assistance that is intended to help and benefit everyone Involved. We will also assist any Spirits that may ask us for help, in any way that we are able.
Our Highly-Experienced Executives are trained to carry out all Private Paranormal Research and Investigations that they conduct in a well-organized and superbly efficient manner.  Every Case that we work on and Investigation that we conduct is handled with the greatest of Professionalism, Tactical Precision, Candid Objectivity and Authentic Concern for the Clients and Entities involved.  EPIC Executives also
adhere to various strict Guidelines, Policies and Protocols to ensure that our Team Members operate with complete competency and integrity at all times.
We typically provide our Professional Paranormal Research and Investigations for 8 Main Types of Clientele - 1) Residential & Tenant; 2) Business & Retail; 3) Historical & Heritage; 4) Commercial & Corporate; 5) Industrial & Manufacturing; 6) Facility & Institution;
7) Land & Structure; 8) Classified & Confidential.
If you are living or working in a Home, Business, Historical Location, Facility, Private Property or any other Location that you believe is Haunted, or if you or anyone that you know of is experiencing Paranormal Activity and needs assistance, then please do not
hesitate to contact us! We are always ready to help!



To Make Significant, Meaningful & Genuine Contributions

To The Paranormal Field of Study

​​Our Executives conduct Highly-Specialized, Structured and

Innovative Paranormal Research and Investigations at various

Sites, Locations, Residences, Businesses and other Venues that

have Reported, Suspected, Proven, Disclosed and Undisclosed Accounts of Paranormal Activity. These Investigations are

conducted with emphasis in all regions of Southern California,

with occasion in other areas of the United States.

We excel in the ability to document Compelling, Credible and
Factual Evidence of the Supernatural, as well as in contributing
to the Legitimization and Formal Recognition of the
Paranormal Field of Study.



To Perform Advanced, Compelling, Progressive

& Continuous Research Of The Paranormal

and Other Related Fields of Study

Our Organization believes that it is critical to Research what we Investigate, as we continue to Investigate what we Research. The Field of the Paranormal is constantly changing and evolving, hence the reason why performing serious and continuous Research is crucial. Our Executives are not only Seasoned Paranormal Investigators, but Scholarly Researchers as well.


For Paranormal Cases and Investigations - Thorough and Methodical Research, including Historical, Topographical, Geographical and Environmental is conducted. Client/Percipient Interviews and other types of Specialized Research that serve as Invaluable Resources for Information, are also performed. Laboratory Sessions conducted by our Specialists include Detailed Analysis and Profound Discussions

in which every Member's Voice, Research and Input is encouraged.

Although our Organizations' Main Area of Study is Supernatural Research and Paranormal Investigations of Spirits, Ghosts and similar Entities, we also examine other relative Fields of Study. We explore all facets of Unexplained Phenomena and conduct Specialized Research for the Parapsychological, Metaphysical, Spiritual, Psychic, Esoteric and Metaphysical Sciences Fields of Study. This supplementary research includes Ufology, Cryptozoology, Metaphysics, Psychic

Phenomenon, Dreams, Quantum Physics, and much more.

Advanced Research and Supernatural Education is offered to our Executives and other interested individuals through our Private Subsidiary - Paranormal Academy of Supernatural Sciences

Anomalistics & Ghostly Exploration® [PASSAGE].


PASSAGE offers our Executives and Para-Scholars a vast array of Comprehensive Academic and Educational Curriculums in the following Industries/Fields of Study: Supernatural, Paranormal, Parapsychology, Spiritual, Psychic, Esoteric, Metaphysical Sciences, Historical and much more!



Perform Specialized Historical Research, Explorations,

Surveys And Investigations, As Well As Provide Enhanced Historical Recreation Programs, Tours and Services

Our Organizations are dedicated to the active endorsement and promotion for the Visitation, Tourism, Exploration, Investigation

and Economic Development of Historical Routes and Points

of Interest throughout California and Nationwide, in order to

help increase awareness of their Presence, Contributions

and National Significance by implementing numerous

Management Strategies.


Contribute with Veracity and Great Aspiration to the Advancement of Supernatural Research and to the Paranormal Field of Study


Further our Personal and Collective Wisdom of the Paranormal by conducting Advanced Research, Investigation and Trainings, as well as furthering our Understanding and Education in the Supernatural Fields of Study


Always rationalize Logically and with an appropriate degree of Skepticism when Investigating and Researching


Seek the Truth and find Answers to Questions concerning the Paranormal. Challenge any apparent Answers by asking New Questions and by executing continuous Research, Investigations, Training and Education


Assemble as a Team to Review and Analyze Audio/Visual Recordings, as well as other Documented Material, in order to determine if we were able to document any

Evidence of the Paranormal


Hold Serious and Stimulating Gatherings to Discuss our Investigation and Experimentation Results, Formulate Theories, determine proper Courses of Action, find Solutions or Answers, and other Pertinent Information

Make other Significant Contributions to the Paranormal and Scientific Fields, such as sharing Credible and Compelling Results, Evidence and Methodologies with

the Public and the Paranormal Community

Core Objective #1
Core Objective #2
Core Objective #3
Core Objective #4
Supplementary Objectives
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