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EPIC Executives strive to effectively reveal the Truth while uncovering and potentially explaining

the Source(s) of purported Paranormal Activity. For this reason, we conduct In-Depth,

All-Encompassing and Comprehensive Paranormal Investigations for your Case that include

both Scientific Methods and Metaphysical/Psychic Approaches. We also adhere to various

strict Guidelines, Policies and Protocols during every Paranormal Investigation to ensure that

our Team of Professional Researchers and Investigators operate with complete Authenticity, Responsibility and Integrity at all times.

Our Organization’s Primary Method of Paranormal Investigation is Scientific-Based and Operated.

We conduct extensive Supernatural Research by using Scientific Instruments, Electronic Tools, Audio/Visual Recording Devices, Paranormal Equipment and other related State-of-the-Art

Technology. Innovative Thinking, Logical Rationalization and an appropriate level of Skepticism

is also implemented. In addition, our Executive Team implements a wide-range of Unique

Methodologies, Advanced Strategies, Specialized Investigative Techniques and other

Proprietary Systems of Operation. Client and Eye-Witness Interviews, as well as thorough

Research, including Historical, Topographical, Geographical and Environmental Research

are also typically performed.

The combination of implementing Scientific Devices and Technology with our Proprietary, Specialized Investigative Methods are proven to be very effective. It allows our Organization to provide the

High-Level of Trustworthy Competence and Professional Assistance that our Clients require.


Our Organization’s Secondary Method of Paranormal Investigation involves Metaphysical and

Psychic Approaches. Some of our EPIC Executives are what we term – Gifted, which simply means

that they possess legitimate Psychic, Intuitive and/or Mediumship Abilities. Our Gifted Executives

utilize their Unique and Special Talents: to receive Psychic Impressions, Clues, Information or

Details about a Case that cannot usually be obtained by Standard Research; to communicate

directly with the Spirits that may be involved with a Case; to help the Living with Protection,

Cleansing and Clearing Rituals; to provide assistance to any Spirits and Entities that request for

our help; and much more.

When available, Metaphysical and Psychic Information yields invaluable and insightful

information regarding a Case, and is proven to be extremely beneficial when the information

received by our Gifted Executives corroborates Scientific Data, Recorded Measurements and

Documented Paranormal Evidence obtained in a Case. Furthermore, Metaphysical and Psychic Information/Impressions can significantly aid in proving or disproving the validity of a Haunting,

or the claims of Paranormal Activity involved with a Case.


Regardless of the implementation of Psychic Abilities by some of our Team Members, every EPIC Executive focuses on maintaining a Scientific Methodology as their Primary Approach during all Supernatural Research and Paranormal Investigations that they perform, while maintaining any

personal Gifts as a Secondary Support Tool to support their Scientific, Measurable Findings.


Our Highly-Specialized Investigative Methodology, which involves the implementation of all of the aforementioned Scientific, Metaphysical, Research and Investigative Approaches, allows our Organization the ability to successfully conduct In-Depth, All-Encompassing and Comprehensive

Private Paranormal Investigations for our Clients. They are proven to be effective and successful

in allowing our Professional Team to determine if reported Unexplained Events and Disturbances

have any legitimacy of being Paranormal in origin.


More importantly, our Organization’s Protocols greatly assist with: uncovering and potentially

explaining the Source(s) of purported Paranormal Activity; establishing successful contact with

Spirits and other Supernatural Beings; determining the proper Courses of Actions to take for each

Case as they progress; providing Solutions, Resolutions and/or Answers to our Clients for Closure

and Peace-of-Mind; allowing us to excel in the ability to document Compelling, Credible and

Factual Evidence of The Supernatural, and; the ability to apply our extensive expertise to all

other areas of the Professional Services that we provide.



It is true that some Paranormal Cases involve Beings and Energies that may be Residual or Imprinted. Some Beings, however, may once have been a Living Person that lived a Human Life filled with

Emotions, Memories and Loved Ones. Other Entities may still retain their Consciousness and

are able to continue Thinking, Feeling and Interacting with the world around them.

Because they can “read” or pick-up on the Intentions of the Living, many Spirits and Entities involved with our Intelligent Haunting Cases will often request for our assistance directly. This is because

they can feel the Love and Concern that we genuinely have for them. For this reason, these Beings

often entrust us to deliver their Messages to Loved Ones, to deliver their Stories in order to reveal

their Existence, and even to deliver their Souls into the Light when they are Lost or unable to

Cross-Over themselves.

We use 3 ‘Rescue Keys’ to help these Souls cross over into their Better Place – Love, Light and Compassionate Intent. We also implement a Neutral, ‘Golden Rule’ Approach towards Spirits and

Entities – one that is free from Judgement, Religious Ideology, Demands, Disregard, Disrespect, Provocation, or anything that can be viewed as Harmful, Threatening, Confrontational or Negative

in any way. We always apply the Golden Rule and treat these Beings as we would want to be

treated ourselves.

It is important to keep in mind that Human Spirits have Free Will, just as they did in a Human Life.

This means that only they can choose whether to Cross Over once we open a Path for them.

We NEVER force a Being to move into their Next Existence! The request and choice to move forward

to their next existence must come from the Spirit directly. For Entities that may seem hesitant, afraid

or unwilling to Cross Over, our Organization has a high rate of success in being able to convince

and assist them in moving on using Proprietary Methods.

Our Organization does not utilize any Spiritual or Religious Rituals in attempts to “evacuate” or "exorcise" Spirits, without first conducting a sufficient amount of work and research in attempting

to determine Whom or What may be causing the reported Paranormal Activity. It is critical to learn

about the factors that we are dealing with first. Performing Cleansing and Clearing Rituals without

first conducting the appropriate Research and Investigations, for example, would be highly

irresponsible and ineffective. Some of these Entities may view these Rituals as a form of

Provocation, which may worsen matters. Appropriate resolutions should only be employed

after all necessary Work has first been performed and completed.

Despite the Neutral Approach to our Supernatural Research and Paranormal Investigations, the Religious and Spiritual Beliefs of our Clients are equally as important to us. EPIC Executives will

provide you with the Assistance, Knowledge and Resolutions that will help to empower you and

your family, and give you all the Tools that you need to help make your Property secure and

peaceful once again!

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