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For many Individuals, Families, Businesses and other people, talking about the Paranormal Activity

or Unexplainable Phenomena that they are experiencing may be very difficult to speak about with anyone. Seeking the right type of assistance from the right people may be even more of a challenge.

Some people are so convinced by their Society, Culture, Family or Friends that Spirits don’t exist and

that the Supernatural is “not real”, that they may dismiss their own experiences, no matter how vivid (and quite real) they may have been. Other people fear the ridicule and rejection that they may receive from the people that they consider to confide in, so they will keep everything that they are

experiencing to themselves while enduring it all silently. They may worry that they will not be

believed and will be thought of as crazy for inventing stories, or they may want to avoid frightening

their Loved Ones about the Phenomena that they are experiencing. Still others may purposely

dismiss their experiences and live in denial of the Paranormal Activity that they are encountering, because to believe in the Supernatural is contrary to their Beliefs, Principles or Religion.

Reaching out to someone and finding the right help with the Supernatural can be equally as overwhelming. There are hundreds, if not thousands of Paranormal Teams nationwide that you

may contact for assistance. However, the majority of these teams are not authentic and their

members are mostly inexperienced, unskilled, untrained and unprofessional.

Many of the groups claiming to investigate the Supernatural that are out there today were created

by people that had seen a Paranormal Show on TV and then thought (quite mistakenly) that they

could do the same thing themselves. They attempt to emulate their favorite Paranormal TV Show

in which “ghost hunters” investigate the Paranormal, then carelessly use the same dangerous,

improper and disrespectful tactics employed by paid actors on these TV shows. They may treat

Spirits with indifference and disregard, just as they had seen on TV, unwittingly or knowingly

Provoking, Demanding, Mocking or Demeaning Spirits and Entities in a shameless

(and quite dangerous) effort to incite activity, or get reactions and results.

These programs are intended for providing entertainment, not to be used as guidelines on how to investigate the Supernatural! Unfortunately, a vast majority of Paranormal groups will adhere to

the inappropriate and defective methodologies displayed on TV believing that they are doing good,

when in fact, their inexperience and lack of knowledge can endanger the lives of their Clients and

their Family Members.

If you are dealing with authentic Paranormal Disturbances,

then you should definitely avoid these amateurs at all costs!


Our approach to Supernatural Research and Paranormal Investigations is Unique and Distinct from

that of most other Paranormal Teams, Groups and Organizations.

To begin, EPIC Executives uphold an extremely Reverent Mentality with regards to the Afterlife and handle every Paranormal Case with Deep Compassion, Understanding and Respect.

We Live and Work by our Motto – “Helping the Living and the Departed with Reverence, Love and Light…” – signifying that we extend our Assistance not only to the Living involved in our Cases,

but also to any Spirits and other Entities that may ask us for help during our

Paranormal Research and Investigations.

This 'EPIC Mentality' is mainly attributed to an evolved perception of the Supernatural, attained by

a combination of strong Spiritual Development and decade’s worth of Methodical Paranormal

Research. Our conduct towards these Entities is handled in the same Positive Manner that we

would use towards another Living Being – with Love, Respect and Understanding. It is this

Enlightened Approach towards the Supernatural that directs our Organization to maintain

a demeanor of Reverence and great Poise while conducting all of our Professional Services.

Our EPIC Executives are also legitimate ‘LightWorkers’, or individuals that are on Global Missions

to help People, Animals, Spirits, the Environment, the Earth and/or other Causes that are greater

than ourselves. We devote our Lives to bringing Love and Light into the World, and dedicate

ourselves to providing Healing to anyone that asks for our assistance.

These Unique Qualities distinguishes our Genuine Organization from the vast majority of

other individuals or groups involved with Paranormal Research.


In comparison to the majority of other Paranormal groups that are out there,

all EPIC Executives are Genuine Professionals.


They are NOT amateurs, inexperienced imitators or so-called “ghost-hunters”!


Instead, our Organization is comprised of an Advanced Consortium of Legitimate and

Knowledgeable Parapsychologists, Investigators, Scientists, Technologists, Researchers, Scholars,

Psychics, Mediums, Light-Workers and other Specialists – all whom have performed Advanced

Supernatural Research and Professional Paranormal Investigations.

With over 18+ years of Specialized Experience, our EPIC Executive Team is proficient in providing

our Clients with the highest of Quality Work and Best Results! Each of our Executives possess

decades of Extensive Experience, Education, Knowledge and Expertise in various Fields of Study,

namely in Supernatural Research and Paranormal Investigations. Every Team Member has been meticulously screened and prudently selected to ensure that we continue to provide Personalized,

Client-Centric and High-Quality Expertise to anyone that is in need of our Professional Services.

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