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The Light of Arcturus - Spiritual & Metaphysical Marketplace

is a Subsidiary of EPIC Executive Paranormal Investigations


It is a Genuine and Unique Store that specializes in Supernatural, Paranormal,

Metaphysical, Spiritual, Esoteric, Psychic and Magickal Products & Services, since 2000.

The Light of Arcturus™ - Spiritual & Metaphysical Marketplace, is our "Collective Emporium" that offers

all of the Professional Services that we have to offer through our Private Organizations including:

We provide and offer our entire array of Specialized, Professional & Genuine Services through the

Light of Arcturus - Spiritual & Metaphysical Marketplace, including:

  • Professional Paranormal Research, Investigations & Consultation Services

  • Contractual/For-Hire Services, Specialized Tourism and Enhanced Recreation Programs

  • Supernatural, Psychic & Metaphysical Education and Services

  • Public Paranormal & Historical Tourism, Investigations and Explorations

  • Networking, Partnerships & Collaboration Opportunities

  • Spiritual, Humanistic & Religious Services and Programs

  • Charitable, Community & Public Services and Programs


In addition to providing Authentic and Reputable Services, the Light of Arcturus™ -

Spiritual & Metaphysical Marketplace, also sells Unique, High-Quality Products that are

Sourced, Designed, Created and Hand-Crafted by Resident Jewelers & Artisans, as well as

by different Jewelers/Artisans from various Cultures and Backgrounds around the World.

​​​​​The Light of Arcturus - Spiritual & Metaphysical Marketplace specializes in a wide range of

Individualized Products including: Fine Hand-Crafted Jewelry, Clothing and Accessories;

Aromatherapy Products; Essential Oils and Essences; Herbs and Teas; Crystals; Precious and

Semi-Precious Gemstones; Amulets, Talismans, Chains and Pendants; Books and Collectables;

Magickal, Divination and Spiritual Tools/Supplies; Purification and Protection Items;

Gifts for Family and Friends; and much, much more!

Our Main Focus is to Empower every customer with Self-Love, Healing, Spiritual

Connection and Soul Enlightenment through the many Exclusive Products and Services

that we offer. Every Product and Service offered through the Light of Arcturus™ -

Spiritual & Metaphysical Marketplace is specifically designed to support

and facilitate these Positive Intentions.

Products and Services offered by all of Organizations are provided by Legitimate, Seasoned

Professionals that are Experts and Leaders in the Industries or Fields that they represent.

Staff Members each possess a wide range set of Wisdom and Expertise to serve its

Clientele as they should be served – Genuinely!

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