The Primary Vision of EPIC Executive Paranormal Investigations is to be the Premier

Multidimensional Organization that provides the most Comprehensive Professional Services

and Products for the Paranormal, Supernatural, Parapsychological, Scientific, Historical,

Spiritual, Psychic and Metaphysical Science Industries.

We will continue to provide our Genuine Specialized Services, as well as make Significant,

Compelling and Authentic Contributions to these various Industries, as we have been

successfully doing so since 2000.

By adhering to our instituted ‘EPIC Mentality’, Highly-Ethical Codes of Conduct and Humanistic Methodologies, our Executives will continue to be successful in realizing all of our Endeavors.


In addition, we will fulfill our Vision and be of Great Service to the Paranormal Community, the

Living, the Departed and the General Public, through the completion of our 7 Instituted Missions:

1) The Professional Paranormal Research and Investigation Services that we provide to

anyone in need of such assistance

2) The Significant, Meaningful and Authentic Contributions to the Paranormal Field that

will continue to lend a significant hand in the Legitimization and

Formal Recognition of the Paranormal Field of Study


3) The Professional, High-Quality and Multidisciplinary Meta-Education that we provide

to anyone interested in the Paranormal, Supernatural, Parapsychological, Scientific,

Historical, Spiritual, Psychic and Metaphysical Fields of Study


4) The Phenomenal Supernatural Tours that we offer, and the Enhanced Recreation

Programs Services that we provide, for anyone interested in History,

the Paranormal and Tourism


5) The Active Networking, Collaborations and Special Projects that we create to further

the Paranormal Field by making Significant, Meaningful and Genuine Contributions

with other Paranormal Organizations, Societies, Clubs, Groups and Enthusiasts


6) The Specialized Historical Research and Exploration the we perform for

Independent, Investigative and Preservation Purposes


7) The Amazing Opportunities that we provide for others to investigate the Supernatural

while discovering and using their Innate Psychic Abilities

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