With Over 18+ Years Of Professional Experience, Our Executive Team Is Proficient

In Providing Our Clients With The Highest of Quality Work And Best Results!

We are committed to providing Advanced Supernatural, Parapsychological & Psychical Research,
as well as Highly-Experienced Paranormal Investigations and Consultation Services, for anyone
in need of our assistance or services.
We provide these particular Services FREE of charge (and by Donation) to Independent,
Residential, Business, Non-Profit, Historical, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional,
Classified And Other Private Clients.

In addition, our Coalition of Knowledgeable Professionals specialize in creating

and providing a variety of other Exclusive, Customizable and/or Personalized Services,

Events and Entertainment! These Professional Services are designed and intended for

Individual, Group, Residential, Business, Non-Profit, Historical, Commercial, Industrial,

Institutional, Classified, Independent And Other Private Clientele.

​Our EPIC Executives are ready to assist and provide you with the Professional Paranormal,

Supernatural, Parapsychological, Historical, Psychic and Metaphysical Services that you seek!


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EPIC Executive Paranormal Investigations
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3rd Eye Paranormal
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Once We Receive Your Inquiry, One Of Our Experienced Case Managers Will Reply Within 24-48 Hours
To Provide You With Details On How We May Proceed In Offering You Assistance. It Will Be Very
Important For You To Remain Vigilant Of Your Emails And/Or Contact Phone For Communications
From Our Organization.
NOTE: We Understand How Difficult It May Be For You To Reach Out To Someone For Help Regarding The Supernatural And Paranormal. For This Reason, We Will Always Remain Sensitive To Your (Our Clients) Needs And Strictly Uphold Your Rights To Privacy & Confidentiality! We Will Safeguard All Of The Personal Information That You Provide To Us, Keep All Of The Information Regarding Your Case Confidential, And Will Be As Discreet As Necessary While Conducting Our Work.
Once we receive your Request for Paranormal Assistance via any method, one of our

Executive Case Managers will reply within 24 to 48 hours to provide you with details on

how we may proceed in offering you assistance. It will be very important for you to remain

vigilant of your Emails and/or Contact Phone for our response and future

communications from our Organization.


NOTE: We completely understand how difficult it may be for you to reach out to someone

for help regarding the Supernatural or Paranormal. For this reason, our Organization will

always remain sensitive to your (our Clients) needs and strictly uphold your ‘Rights to

rivacy and Confidentiality’! We will safeguard all of your Personal Information that you

provide to us and will be as discreet as you need for us to be while conducting

all relevant work associated with your Case.

We are based in the Inland Empire of Southern California.
Our EPIC Executive HeadQuarters are located in Riverside, CA. ​​​​​​​

The majority of our Executive Paranormal Investigations, Advanced Supernatural Research, Consultations, Programs and Professional Services, as well as our Unique Programming,

Entertainment, Meetups and Events, are conducted in the Southern California Regions

and their surrounding areas.


This mainly includes the Riverside, Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange and San Bernardino Counties. However, we also travel to other counties and regions of California, the Western States and other locations Nationwide to provide our Executive Services, Programs, Entertainment and Events,

as well as to conduct other Organizational Work and Research.

In addition, our Vision includes reaching out to the World and to provide everyone interested in the Supernatural, Paranormal, Parapsychological, Psychic & Metaphysical Industries with Phenomenal Opportunities to gain great experience in these Fields of Study!


In order to accomplish this, we are instituted as a "Non-Physical Organizational Entity", which

means that we do not have a singular, physical "brick-and-mortar" location, and we are not

affixed to any one particular physical structure.


Our Organization's Operations are conducted as an 'Itinerant & Virtual Institution', indicating

that we conduct Organizational Operations, Functions and Events at various other venues

and locations, as well as via Electronic, Online or other Internet Channels/Formats.



Experienced & Responsible Executives You Can Trust!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​With Over 18+ Years Of Professional Experience, Our Executive Team Is Proficient

In Providing Our Clients With The Highest of Quality Work And Best Results!

The Founders, Directors, Leaders, Faculty and other Executive Members of EPIC Executive

Paranormal Investigations are GENUINE, Reputable and Prominent Individuals, each possessing

a Lifetime of Education, Experience and Specialization in their corresponding Industries.


We are Professionals, NOT amateurs, and we are definitely NOT "ghost-hunters"!


Our Organization is GENUINE and Reputable, comprised of an Advanced Consortium of Legitimate and Knowledgeable Parapsychologists, Investigators, Scientists, Technologists, Researchers, Scholars, Psychics, Mediums and other Specialists.


Our Coalition of Knowledgeable Executives specialize in providing Professional Services for

Individual, Group, Residential, Business, Non-Profit, Historical, Commercial, Industrial,

Institutional, Classified, Independent And Other Private Clientele. We are also entrusted to

conduct other Confidential Projects, Paranormal Research and Investigations with Private

Clients at Undisclosed and Secure Locations all across the United States.

Jacob Kire, PhD and Rev. Mato Wahya are the Founders and Executive Directors of

EPIC Executive Paranormal Investigations. They possess over 46 years of combined

experience and are Reputable Professionals in all of the aforementioned Industries.


Our remaining Faculty is comprised and unified by several other Directors, Administrators,

Advisors, Assistants, Associates, Managers, Paraprofessionals, Counselors, Guides, Educators,

Specialists, Trainers, Mentors, Tutors and other Experts that are affiliated and/or

in association with our Organization.

Each of our Executives possess decades of Extensive Experience, Education, Knowledge and

Expertise in various Fields of Study, namely in Supernatural Research and Paranormal

Investigations. Every member has been meticulously screened and prudently selected

to ensure that we continue to provide Personalized, Client-Centric and High-Quality

Expertise to anyone that is in need of our Professional Services.

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