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EPIC Apprentice Membership [TOP]
We Are Presently Recruiting Experienced Paranormal Investigators/Researchers And Serious-Minded Novices For
Do you possess a Genuine Interest in helping people with Supernatural Disturbances? Do you have
a deep passion for the Paranormal? Are you willing to perform Serious-Level Work with a Team of Reputable Professionals? Then apply for EPIC Apprenticeship with our Organization today!

We are searching for Mature Individuals with a solid interest in
the Supernatural Fields of Study for EPIC Apprenticeship.
Our Organization is directed by Professionals that possess Decades of Extensive Experience,
Education, Knowledge and Expertise in various Fields of Study, namely in the Supernatural and Paranormal Industries. Our EPIC Apprentices will have the opportunity to Investigate with and Learn from Respectable, Trained Specialists in the Parapsychology, Supernatural Research and Paranormal Investigation Fields of Study.
Apply for EPIC Apprentice Membership with our Organization Today!!

NOTE: We only select and accept individuals who are Serious-Minded, Committed and Professional! Other favorable Qualities to possess are Exemplary Passion, Intelligence, Open-Mindedness, Commitment and the Desire to learn continuously in the evolving Fields of the Supernatural and Unexplained.

If you believe that you possess these Qualities and meet the 'Minimum Requirements' outlined
in the Section below, then we would highly encourage you to apply for Membership to
EPIC Executive Paranormal Investigations !
EPIC Executive Paranormal Investigations

is a Private, Social Purpose Organization that provides GENUINE, Specialized, Advanced and

Professional Services for various Industries and Fields of Study, namely Paranormal,

Supernatural, Parapsychological, Scientific, Historical, Spiritual, Psychic, Metaphysical

Sciences & Other Related Fields.


We have been successfully providing our Professional and Charitable Services, as well as making

Significant, Compelling and Authentic Contributions to these various Industries, since 2000.


EEPI - Minimum Requirements




Before applying for EPIC Apprenticeship, be sure to review the
'Minimum Requirements' (below) to make sure that you qualify
to apply for Membership:
  • Must be 25+ years of age

  • Must have an extremely Mature Attitude and Mindset


  • Must be able to Work Independently and in a Team


  • Required to Physically Reside in Southern California.  We conduct the majority of our Member Meetings at our Executive Office in Riverside, CA. The majority of our Paranormal Cases, Research and Investigations will be conducted throughout the Southern California regions.


  • Required to drive to and attend Meetings, Paranormal Cases, Research and Investigations anywhere in the Southern California regions on a frequent and dependable basis. All EPIC Executives/Apprentices must also be willing and prepared to drive long distances, if necessary, in order to attend our Organizational Events/Functions.


  • Must Have Availability In your Personal and Work Schedules that allows you to attend Member Meetings, Paranormal Cases, Research, Investigations and other Organizational Events/Functions, on a Frequent and Dependable Basis. We conduct very serious work and will only accept Individuals that will remain Active and Dependable.


  • Member Meetings are conducted Weekly or Biweekly on Sundays at our Executive Office in Riverside, CA. We require and expect our EPIC Executives/Apprentices to attend these meetings often and consistently, especially when working on Private Client Paranormal Cases!


  • Paranormal Cases, Research, Investigations and other Organizational Events/Functions may take place on any day of the week. We aim to schedule these types of Events/Functions on the Weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), however, they may also take place on other days of the week (Monday thru Friday, usually after 6PM). We require and expect our EPIC Executives/Apprentices to attend these Paranormal Cases, Research, Investigations and other Organizational Events/Functions often and consistently.


  • Required to conduct Advanced-Level Work, such as performing Paranormal Evidence Recordings and Documentation Review/Analysis, completing and typing Case Reports as necessary, and other Organizational Duties as assigned. All EPIC Executives and Apprentices must make a commitment to dedicate the necessary time to accomplish Organizational Work by assigned Due Dates


  • Required to own Basic Investigative Equipment - a Digital Camera (10MP+) AND a Digital Audio Recorder - AT MINIMUM. Must also own a PC or Laptop. A Laptop is preferable as it is necessary to: perform the majority of our Organizational Work at our Executive Office; Load, Review and Analyze the Paranormal Evidence Recordings/Documentation that is obtained during Paranormal Cases, Research and Investigations; complete/type Case Reports and Class/Training notes as necessary


  • Must have a legitimate Email Address and required to remain Responsive to all Organizational Forms of Contact (via Email, Text and/or Phone)


  • Must NOT have been convicted of a Major Crime or Offense in the past 5 years

If you believe that you meet these Minimum Requirements and would like to apply for EPIC Apprentice Membership, then please continue to the 'Membership/Admissions Application Process (MAAP)' Section below for details and instructions on how to apply.

This Section Details Our Membership/Admissions Application Process [MAAP]
For Individuals That Would Like To Apply For EPIC Apprentice Membership -
Please Review And Follow The 6 Simple Steps Below
Before applying for EPIC Apprenticeship, be sure to review the 'Minimum Requirements' Section (above)
to make sure that you qualify for Membership. Also, make sure to read and understand all of the
applicable 'Legal Disclaimers & Certifications' for Membership (section at very end of this Webpage),
as they are Legally-Binding and will apply the entire time you are a Member of any of our Organizations.
If you believe that you qualify for EPIC Apprenticeship, then please complete the
'Membership/Admissions Application' (below). Once we receive your Application, one of our Executive Directors will evaluate it and check to make sure that all Qualifications are met and that all required information is completed accurately.

Applications that do not meet our 'Minimum Requirements' but that have sufficient explanations from

the Applicant may still be taken into consideration on a case-by-case basis. Otherwise, incomplete or unqualified Applications may be rejected and declined.

All Applicants that qualify to move on to the next Step of our MAAP will be required to complete

an In-Person 'Membership Candidacy Interview' (Step #4) with our Executive Directors at our

Executive Office in Riverside, CA. We will schedule your Interview on the first Sunday in which you

and the Executive Directors are available to meet.


Thanks! Message sent.

Applicants that meet our Minimum Qualifications will receive 1 of 2 Email Responses from our
Executive Directors within 24 to 48 hours of your Application.
If we have any questions or need clarifications about an Application we receive, or if there is insufficient information on an Application, then we may send an Email to the Applicant entitled,
"From EPIC Executives - More Info Needed!"
This Email will acknowledge the receipt of your Application for EPIC Apprenticeship. We will also request
for the Applicant to reply ASAP and provide us with any additional information that we may need in
order to determine further Applicant Eligibility.
All other Applicants that qualify to continue with our MAAP will receive an Email entitled,
"From EPIC Executives - Membership Candidacy Approval!"
This Email will provide you with a confirmed Date (on a Sunday) and Time for your
Membership Candidacy Interview, as well as the Address to our Executive Office in Riverside, CA,
where we will conduct this Interview. This Email will also contain Details, Information and any
pertinent Instructions regarding your Interview.
It will be extremely important for you to remain vigilant of your Emails and/or Contact Phone
for either of these 2 Email Responses and for future communications from our Organization!
The Membership Candidacy Interview is an informal interview-style meeting where
EPIC Executive Directors meet potential Candidates face-to-face prior to making a final decision on
Approving or Declining EPIC Apprenticeship for Applicants.
During the Interview, the Executive Directors will ask Applicants a list of important questions about
themselves, their experience, their encounters and other relevant questions. The responses that Applicants provide will help to clarify their Objectives and Intentions as an Individual, and as a potential EPIC
Apprentice for EPIC Executive Paranormal Investigations. They also assist in determining if Applicants
would be an overall “Good-Fit” for our Organizations.
Please note that Membership Candidacy Interviews usually last for 1-2 hour(s).
At the conclusion of the Interview, EPIC Executive Directors will make a final decision on
Approving or Declining EPIC Apprenticeship for the Applicant.
All Applicants that would like to finalize their acceptance into our Organizations MUST enroll
themselves into our Paranormal Researcher/Investigator Mastery & Enhancement [PRIME] Program
AND are required to purchase (at minimum) an 'Oracle-Cluster Membership Plan' (Step #6).






We will provide the right Individuals with Phenomenal Training, Instruction, Mentoring, Guidance and Leadership!


Upon acceptance into our Organization, all New Members MUST enroll into our most

comprehensive Paranormal Research & Investigation Course –

the Paranormal Researcher/Investigator Mastery And Enhancement [PRIME] Program!

Regardless of any previous Paranormal Research and Investigation experience that an Individual

may possess - all accepted Individuals will be referred to as EPIC Apprentices and must enroll

in our PRIME Program in order to learn about our Organization’s extensive

Proprietary Methods of Operation.

Due to the serious nature of our work, we must ensure that all New Members are extensively and properly educated, and that they possesses the adequate training necessary to perform the

Advanced, Professional Paranormal Research/Investigations that we conduct. We also need

to ensure that EPIC Apprentices are trained to provide Personalized, Client-Centric and

High-Quality Expertise to anyone that is in need of our Professional Services.

Our PRIME Program is specifically designed to provide our EPIC Apprentices with ongoing

Education, Training, Skills, Knowledge and Experience that they will need to possess as they

establish themselves as a Leading Authority in Professional Paranormal Investigation with EPIC Executive Paranormal Investigations. The program provides each of our Members with a

Complete Study of the Supernatural, Paranormal, Parapsychological, Scientific, Psychic,

Metaphysical and Historical Fields of Study, which will train and prepare our New Members to become Highly-Qualified and Effective EPIC Executives.

Through the PRIME Program, EPIC Apprentices will learn: how to conduct Advanced

Supernatural Research and Professional Paranormal Investigations; about the various Scientific, Technical and Paranormal Equipment/Tools that are implemented during Paranormal

Investigations; about Proper and Advanced Investigative Procedures for Paranormal Cases;

how to efficiently and accurately Collect, Review and Analyze Recordings/Documentations for Paranormal Evidence; about the different types of Spirits/Entities that exist, and how to

communicate with them effectively; about Afterlife/Spiritual Theories and Soul Rescue; about

different methods of developing innate Psychic Abilities that will aid them during future

Paranormal Investigations; about other Proprietary Methodologies, Protocols, Procedures and Knowledge; and much, much more!

Or You May Purchase A Standard 'Oracle-Cluster Membership Plan'

And Still Receive Amazing Membership Plan Features And Benefits!


Upgrade Your Membership To An 'Associate Oracle-Cluster Membership Plan'

To Receive The OPTIMUM Of Our Membership Plan Features And To Take

Advantage Of Additional Benefits & Perks With Your

EPIC Apprenticeship!

Upon successful completion of the PRIME Program, our Graduates are automatically granted EPIC Executive Membership, making them Official EPIC Executives of our Organizations.


As an EPIC Executive, our new Graduates are entitled to receive additional Member Benefits and Perks, such as: Special and/or FREE Access to Executive-Only, Advanced and Confidential Paranormal Investigations; Special and/or FREE Access to Executive-Only, VIP and other Exclusive Events/Functions; other select FREE Organizational Events/Functions; significant Price and/or Percentile Reductions for Special Event Tickets and Organizational costs; much, much more!


Completion time frames for the PRIME Program will depend heavily on the

Participation and Active Attendance of each EPIC Apprentice.

Typical time frames for completion of our program are 8 months to a year.



The PRIME Program will focus on Intensive Education, Studies, Research, Investigations, Explorations, Programs and other Events/Functions, that deeply involves all of our Organizations and Subsidiaries.


In order to perform and complete the necessary work involved with the PRIME Program, all EPIC

Executives and Apprentices are required to purchase (at minimum) an 'Oracle-Cluster Membership Plan', which provides Official Memberships to 4 of our Organizations, including: Paranormal Academy of Supernatural Sciences Anomalistics & Ghostly Exploration® [PASSAGE], Dual Membership Social & Recreational Club For Route 66 Meta-Expeditions & EPIC Executive Paranormal Investigations, Paranormal Evolution Alliance for Collaborations & Enlightenment [PEACE], and 3RD Eye Paranormal.

Oracle-Cluster Membership Plans feature amazing Member Benefits, such as an Automatic 5% Off All Events/Functions hosted and directed by any of the aforementioned Organizations!

(some restrictions may apply)


Because EPIC Apprentices will be ongoing, integral Members of our Organizations, and since they will be assisting us in performing Serious-Level Work, we provide our EPIC Executives and Apprentices with Significant Discounts towards the purchases and yearly renewals of their Oracle-Cluster

Membership Plans OR Upgraded Associate Oracle-Cluster Membership Plans.

All Applicants that have already been approved for EPIC Apprenticeship, have already successfully

enrolled into our PRIME Program, and that would like to finalize their EPIC Apprenticeship officially

with our Organizations may select from and pay for their Membership Plan below: