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EPIC Apprentice Membership [TOP]
We Are Presently Recruiting Experienced Paranormal Investigators/Researchers And Serious-Minded Novices For
Do you possess a Genuine Interest in helping people with Supernatural Disturbances? Do you have
a deep passion for the Paranormal? Are you willing to perform Serious-Level Work with a Team of Reputable Professionals? Then apply for EPIC Apprenticeship with our Organization today!

We are searching for Mature Individuals with a solid interest in
the Supernatural Fields of Study for EPIC Apprenticeship.
Our Organization is directed by Professionals that possess Decades of Extensive Experience,
Education, Knowledge and Expertise in various Fields of Study, namely in the Supernatural and Paranormal Industries. Our EPIC Apprentices will have the opportunity to Investigate with and Learn from Respectable, Trained Specialists in the Parapsychology, Supernatural Research and Paranormal Investigation Fields of Study.
Apply for EPIC Apprentice Membership with our Organization Today!!

NOTE: We only select and accept individuals who are Serious-Minded, Committed and Professional! Other favorable Qualities to possess are Exemplary Passion, Intelligence, Open-Mindedness, Commitment and the Desire to learn continuously in the evolving Fields of the Supernatural and Unexplained.

If you believe that you possess these Qualities and meet the 'Minimum Requirements' outlined
in the Section below, then we would highly encourage you to apply for Membership to
EPIC Executive Paranormal Investigations !
EPIC Executive Paranormal Investigations

is a Private, Social Purpose Organization that provides GENUINE, Specialized, Advanced and

Professional Services for various Industries and Fields of Study, namely Paranormal,

Supernatural, Parapsychological, Scientific, Historical, Spiritual, Psychic, Metaphysical

Sciences & Other Related Fields.


We have been successfully providing our Professional and Charitable Services, as well as making

Significant, Compelling and Authentic Contributions to these various Industries, since 2000.