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PASSAGE Para-Scholar Admissions [TOP]
We Welcome You To Expand Your Horizons, Learn About All Things Paranormal And Gain Invaluable Supernatural Wisdom!
Join Our Prestigious Academy Today To Discover How You Can
Evolve And Enlighten Yourself As A Para-Scholar of PASSAGE!
Are you searching for a Legitimate Organization where Trusted and Highly-Experienced Professionals
can provide you with Extraordinary Education and Training? Looking for an outgoing, enjoyable group
where you can further your Studies, Investigations, Research, Networking and Experiences of all things Supernatural with other like-minded Para-Scholars?

Then look no further, for you have found what you have been searching for with PASSAGE!
Join PASSAGE and become a superb Para-Scholar & Supernatural Sage Extraordinaire!

We welcome you to expand your Academic Horizons, dig deeper in your understanding of all things Otherworldly and gain invaluable Supernatural Wisdom! Join our Prestigious Academy today and discover
how you can Evolve your Knowledge as a Para-Scholar of PASSAGE!
NOTE: Those seeking Official Membership to PASSAGE must select from and pay for one of our very inexpensive
and cost-effective Membership Plans. Our Membership Plans offer our Para-Scholars
Exceptional Features, Benefits, Perks and Rewards!
Paranormal Academy of Supernatural Sciences Anomalistics & Ghostly Exploration® [PASSAGE]

is a Private Academic Institution of Formal and Higher Learning, committed to providing Professional,

High-Quality and Multidisciplinary Education since 2010.
PASSAGE Is A Renowned, Nationally Recognized Organization
And Possesses A Federal Registered Trademark ®.

PASSAGE specializes in providing extensive Non-Credit Continuing Instruction, Community Learning
and Development, as well as Advanced Academic and Educational Instruction, including Mentoring,
Classes, Trainings, Workshops, Course Work, Learning Programs; Unique Programming,
Entertainment, and much more!
Our Premier Academy actively endorses an all-inclusive, open-type Admissions Process. All Individuals that meet our Basic Minimum Requirements are invited to apply for Admissions to PASSAGE.


PASSAGE - Minimum Requirements




Before applying for PASSAGE Para-Scholar Admissions, be sure to review the
'Minimum Requirements' (below) to make sure that you qualify
to apply for Membership:
  • Must be 18+ years of age

  • Must have a Mature Attitude and maintain Positive Behaviors at all times


  • Must be able to Work Independently and in a Team

  • Must maintain Active Communication and Responsiveness with the Founders/Executive Directors at all times and throughout Membership


  • Southern California Residents preferred. We conduct the majority of our Educational/Academic Programs, Courses, Classes, Workshops, Trainings, Meetings, Lectures and other Programs at our Executive Office in Riverside, CA. The majority of our Supernatural Tours, Paranormal Investigations, Historical Explorations, Enhanced Recreation Programs, Haunted Travels, Exceptional Entertainment, Exclusive Events and/or other Events/Functions are conducted throughout the Southern California regions.


  • Must have Reliable Transportation and/or be able to arrive at Organizational Events, Meetups and other Functions on own accord or via personal arrangements


  • Must be willing to drive to and attend Educational/Academic Programs, Courses, Classes, Workshops, Trainings, Meetings, Lectures, Supernatural Tours, Paranormal Investigations, Historical Explorations, Enhanced Recreation Programs, Haunted Travels, Exceptional Entertainment, Exclusive Events and/or other Events/Functions. Must also be willing and prepared to drive long distances, if necessary, in order to attend our Organizational Events/Functions.


  • Must have Personal Availability that allows attendance to Organizational Events, Meetups And Other Functions On A Frequent Basis. *There are NO Attendance Requirements, however, as our Para-Scholars decide which Organizational Events/Functions they would like to attend!


  • Basic Equipment & Materials: In order to perform the necessary work involved with PASSAGE Events/Functions, the following Equipment and Materials are HIGHLY recommended - a Digital Camera (14MP+); a Digital Audio Recorder; a PC or Laptop; Notepad/Paper; Pen/Pencil; other Educational Materials and Items. *Owning a Laptop is preferable as it is necessary to: perform the majority of the Organizational Work involved with a PASSAGE Event/Function while at our Executive Office; Load, Review and Analyze the Paranormal Evidence Recordings/Documentation that is obtained during Paranormal Research and Investigations; type and complete Class/Training notes, complete Assignments and perform In-Class Research and Analysis as necessary


  • Must have a legitimate Email Address and required to remain Responsive to all Organizational Forms of Contact (via Email, Text and/or Phone)


  • Must NOT have been convicted of a Major Crime or Offense in the past 5 years

If you believe that you meet these Minimum Requirements and would like to apply for PASSAGE

Para-Scholar Admissions, then please continue to the 'Membership/Admissions Application Process (MAAP)' Section below for details and instructions on how to apply.

This Section Details Our Membership/Admissions Application Process [MAAP]
For Individuals That Would Like To Apply For PASSAGE Para-Scholar Admissions -
Please Review And Follow The 5 Simple Steps Below
Before applying for PASSAGE Para-Scholar Admissions, be sure to review the 'Minimum Requirements' Section (above) to make sure that you qualify for Membership. Also, make sure to read and understand all of the applicable 'Legal Disclaimers & Certifications' for Membership (section at very end of this Webpage),
as they are Legally-Binding and will apply the entire time you are a Member of any of our Organizations.
If you believe that you qualify for PASSAGE Para-Scholar Admissions, then please complete the
'Membership/Admissions Application' (below). Once we receive your Application, one of our Executive Directors will evaluate it and check to make sure that all Qualifications are met and that all required information is completed accurately.

Applications that do not meet our 'Minimum Requirements' but that have sufficient explanations from

the Applicant may still be taken into consideration on a case-by-case basis. Otherwise, incomplete or unqualified Applications may be rejected and declined.

All Applicants that qualify to move on to the next Step of our MAAP will be required to complete

an In-Person 'Para-Scholar Orientation' (Step #4) with our Executive Directors at our

Executive Office in Riverside, CA. We will schedule this Meeting on the first Sunday in which you

and the Executive Directors are available to meet, or on a different Date/Time if necessary.


Thanks! Message sent.

Applicants that meet our Minimum Qualifications will receive 1 of 2 Email Responses from our
Executive Directors within 24 to 48 hours of your Application.
If we have any questions or need clarifications about an Application we receive, or if there is insufficient information on an Application, then we may send an Email to the Applicant entitled,
"From PASSAGE - More Info Needed!"
This Email will acknowledge the receipt of your Application for PASSAGE Para-Scholar Admissions.
We will also request for the Applicant to reply ASAP and provide us with any additional information
that we may need in order to determine further Applicant Eligibility.
All other Applicants that qualify to continue with our MAAP will receive an Email entitled,
"From PASSAGE - Para-Scholar Admissions Approval!"
This Email will provide you with a confirmed Date (on a Sunday) and Time for your
Para-Scholar Orientation, as well as the Address to our Executive Office in Riverside, CA,
where we will conduct this Meeting. This Email will also contain Details, Information and any
pertinent Instructions regarding your Orientation.
It will be extremely important for you to remain vigilant of your Emails and/or Contact Phone
for either of these 2 Email Responses and for future communications from our Organization!
The Para-Scholar Orientation is a REQUIRED, informal meeting where PASSAGE Executive Directors meet Accepted Members face-to-face. During this Meeting, the Executive Directors will gather important
information about the New Members, their experience, their encounters and other relevant questions.
The responses that New Members provide will help us to determine the best Educational/Academic
Programs, Courses, Classes, Workshops, Trainings, Meetings, Lectures and/or other Programs that
we may offer to them in order to maximize their Academic Experience, Personal Benefits,
Enjoyment and Satisfaction.
PASSAGE Executive Directors will also provide our New Para-Scholars with Details and Information
regarding Membership Plans, Benefits, Perks and applicable Rewards Systems that they will be
eligible to receive as Official Members of PASSAGE.
Please note that Para-Scholar Orientations usually last for 1-2 hour(s).
In order to finalize their acceptance into PASSAGE, all Applicants MUST
purchase (at minimum) a Para-Scholar Standard Membership Plan' (Step #5).

PASSAGE focuses on Intensive Education, Studies, Research, Investigations,

Explorations, Programs and other Events/Functions.

In order to perform and complete the necessary work involved with the Educational/Academic

Programs, Courses, Classes, Workshops, Trainings, Meetings, Lectures and/or other Programs offered
by PASSAGE, all Para-Scholars are required to purchase (at minimum) a 'Para-Scholar Standard Membership Plan', which provides Official Membership to the Paranormal Academy of
Supernatural Sciences Anomalistics & Ghostly Exploration® [PASSAGE].



All New Members that have already been approved for PASSAGE Para-Scholar Admissions and that

would like to finalize their Admissions Process officially with our Organization

may select from and pay for their Membership Plan below:

Or Upgrade Your Membership To An 'Associate-Standard Membership Plan,

Cluster Membership Plan Or Associate-Cluster Membership Plan' To Receive

The OPTIMUM Of Our Membership Plan Features And To Take Advantage

Of Additional Benefits & Perks With Your PASSAGE Para-Scholarship!






Purchase A Standard 'Para-Scholar Standard Membership Plan' (Below)

And Receive Extraordinary Membership Plan Benefits, Rewards and Perks!